A little bit about us...

Hands Free Devices


Hand & Foot Tools

          for your computer

BiLiPro develops innovative computer peripherals:

Portable laptop stand with hood. *In Stock

   -use a laptop anywhere (indoors or outdoors).

   -hood to provide shade from sun or stage lights.

FootMouse (USB slippermouse & buttons)*Out of Stock

  -hands free
  -to assist with hand problems,
    including carpal tunnel syndrome

     (Footmouse Assistant software, click here to download)

Page-turner (USB foot switch) *Out of Stock

  -to turn digital music score "pages" by foot

  -to 'page up & down' presentations

Magnetic clips (for music stand) * Out of Stock
   -to hold iPad/tablet/sheet music on to
     metal music stands

Custom Music Stand *Out of Stock
    -with cutout to accomodate tablet
      computer's connector

BiLiPro is distributed by

SteptimeWare LLC of Bellingham, WA, USA

A division of SteptimeMedia


Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce


North American Music Merchants



[June 1, 2013]

BiLiPro Page Turner sales rose dramatically with session musicians in 2013. With the huge increase in the use of iPads for pro musicians this year, we have seen a huge increase in sales to them. The reliability of a hard-wired USB device has provided professionals with a "step-up" (pun intended:-)) in the fast-paced requirements of studio and live-TV bands.

[August 20, 2011]

The official BiLiPro website is now open. This marks the beginning of the transition of Bili, DigiNest, & FooTime products to be all branded as "BiLiPro".

[June 1, 2011]

BiLiPro Page Turner is compatible with specialized apps for iPad & iPad2, including MusicReader, GigBook, UnRealBook, ForScore, OnSong, MusicNotes, and SheetMusicDirect.

[May 6, 2011]

Phil Li, founder and designer of BiLiPro products, landed safely in South Africa. He will be living there for an indeterminate length of time developing businesses there, and continuing to design cool new BiLiPro products.

[February 1, 2011]

Phil Li, founder and designer of BiLiPro products, appointed SteptimeWare LLC of Bellingham, WA, USA as the global distributor of all its products. Mr. Li will continue designing and maintain relationships with plants in China, and SteptimeWare will distribute and support the products worldwide. There are BiLiPro distributors and resellers in many countries. See the "Links" page for a list.

[January 15, 2011]

BiLiPro has updated it world-famous Page-Turner pedal to work with iPads. A small white button was added to the back of the pedal to change the keystroke to match what the iPad needs to "turn pages" in select apps.

Download the "Footmouse Assistant" software for Windows here.