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Bellingham, WA 98226 USA

Phone: 1 (360) 647-5491

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URL: www.bilipro.com

Email: info@bilipro.com

BiLiPro develops innovative computer peripherals:

Foot mouse (USB slippermouse & buttons)

  -hands free

  -to assist with hand problems,

       including carpal tunnel syndrome

Page-turner (USB foot switch)

  -to turn digital music score "pages"

      by foot

  -to 'page up & down' presentations

Magnetic clips (for music stand)

   -to hold iPad/tablet/sheet music

    on to metal music stands

Custom Music Stand

    -with cutout to accomodate tablet

      computer's connector

Portable laptop stand with hood.

   -use a laptop anywhere

         (indoors or outdoors).

   -hood to provide shade from

        sun or stage lights.

Mr. Li and Mr. Li

Mr. T.H. Li, the founder of Bili, is a talented inventor. His partner Mr. W.D. Li is a successful entrepreneur running a factory in China, which manufactures our products.

The two are good friends and happen to have the same family name "Li" (pronounced "Lee"). So they simply named this company Bili, meaning "two Li's".

Mr. Li and Mr. Li share a common interest for innovation that brought the two friends and their co-workers together to solve some needs that were missed by others.

The addition of "Pro" to the name shows their desire to provide professionally built products.

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